Digital Warehouse

On-demand fulfillment from content library to professionally burned and printed CD/DVD media.

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What It Does

Digital Warehouse is a simplified product management and production tool for anyone who distributes products on DVD and CD. Used with one or more Rimage disc publishing systems, Digital Warehouse accepts an order on-demand for a pre-defined product and produces the required disc.

Digital Warehouse can be integrated with third-party inventory databases, email systems and most e-commerce configurations.

How It Works

Digital Warehouse receives an XML-formatted email request from an e-commerce or other automated system, parses the email and looks for a valid product ID. With a successfully parsed request, Digital Warehouse enters the request into its own database.

When Digital Warehouse processes a request, that request points to a specific product ID. Every “product” stored in the Digital Warehouse consists of a product ID, label file target, and ISO image target. This information is used to generate a request for production, which is sent to the Rimage digital publishing system.

Custom Printing

Digital Warehouse allows up to five merge fields to be embedded in any request. The merge fields are passed on to the Rimage for printing, and will be placed based in the merge field location in the label design.

No E-Mail? No Problem!

Digital Warehouse features an intranet website that allows users on the local network to submit new fulfillment requests manually, view completed requests, requests still in process, and products available to request.

Need Tighter Integration Than Just E-Mail?

Digital Warehouse can be integrated directly to any ODBC compliant database, for automated production based on inventory levels or other ‘triggers.’

What About "Custom" Products?

Any product to be processed outside of the main Digital Warehouse server application is referred to as a “dynamic” product. Dynamic products, such as audio discs, require a custom script for each product ID to properly format the dynamic content to be recorded. Dynamic product scripts are written by us on a case-by-case basis, and replace a typical ISO image target entry in the product table.

Supported Products & Storage

Digital Warehouse currently supports ISO-9660 and UDF images for product output. Label designs must be Rimage compatible (Rimage CD Designer or PDF). PDF labels do not support merge fields. Digital Warehouse includes an integrated storage array for instant access to content and label design objects.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Eliminates disc-based product inventory
  • Allows for 100% virtual stock
  • Accepts XML jobs via e-mail
  • Accepts order entry via database connection
  • Accepts manual order entry via integrated Intranet page
  • Simplifies e-commerce and other automated implementations


  • Rimage Producer or Professional Series
  • Rimage Suite version 8.0 and above

Digital Warehouse is licensed per-server