File Transfer Manager

Automated file download from email or the cloud

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GDAMS File Transfer Manager is a suite of programs that allows automated, unattended downloads of photos, videos and other files from a dedicated email inbox, or from cloud services. GDAMS File Transfer Manager’s email downloader allows for multiple email accounts, configurable destinations per account, and a wide range of email access options. 

GDAMS File Transfer Manager also enables automatic download from Google Drive and FTP servers . All download options can be configured to either move processed files from the source folders to a “processed” folder, delete them, or do nothing. 

GDAMS File Transfer Manager can also be paired with GDAMS File Splitter, which allows for transport of large video files across slow or unreliable links using email. GDAMS File Transfer Manager will retrieve the file chunks GDAMS File Splitter sends, reassemble them, and optionally re-encode the received file to a user-specified alternate format. 

Benefits At A Glance

  • Automated downloading and collating of video files, pictures, and other files from email and the cloud
  • Flexible email access options (IMAP, POP3, Gmail, more)
  • Support for Google Drive and FTP
  • Reassembles file chunks from GDAMS File Splitter, with optional re-encoding capability
  • Cross-platform, source-available, works with Windows, Linux and macOS

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