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The links below provide trial versions of our encryption products for evaluation purposes or for updating previously purchased software.

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SecureDisc Rimage Edition

Free Trial Version or Software Updates requires Rimage Producer Software Suite v8.0 or higher

SecureDisc PC Edition

Free Trial for encrypting on desktop PCs running Microsoft Windows 7/8.x/10

GTGI provides the software on this page for the stated uses only, and cannot be held liable for the performance or non-performance of any specific product, and cannot be held liable for data loss as a result of using any of the products supplied. 

Issues when using SecureDisc Rimage Edition to produce encrypted discs, use the SecureDisc Rimage Edition Trouble Ticket

For issues decrypting discs produced with SecureDisc products, use the SecureDisc Decryption Trouble Ticket

Please note that these products are for use by providers to encrypt data, not for decryption of discs by recipients. All decryption clients are sourced through the disc provider. Should you encounter any problems during your evaluation and you can’t find the answer in our Documentation below.

Software DocumentationItem Description
SecureDisc Rimage Edition Administrator’s GuideDetailed instructions on configuring and troubleshooting production disc encryption on Rimage systems running PSS 8.x or 9.0
SecureDisc PC Edition User’s GuideInstructions for using SecureDisc PC Edition to encrypt discs on a standard Windows PC.
SecureDisc Decryption GuideGuide to SecureDisc decryption using the SecureDisc Resident and Explorer Clients
SecureDisc Rimage Edition FIPS InformationSecureDisc Rimage Edition FIPS information
SecureDisc PC Edition FIPS InformationSecureDisc PC Edition FIPS information
NetDisc Technical Bulletin 20080801This document details an issue with using some versions of Microsoft Outlook software to send e-mail messages to NetDisc.
SecureDisc Rimage Edition Product OverviewThis presentation provides information on the SecureDisc Rimage Edition software product offered by Discrete Technologies.
NetDisc OverviewThis presentation provides information on the NetDisc software product offered by Discrete Technologies.

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